Agent Orange claims assistance.

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Passing this along FYI.

The USARSUPTHAI association: http://usarsupthaiassociation.com/

For more information, contact: [email protected]


Today is July 24th and we have 58 days before the USARSUPTHAI reunion. The cutoff for room reservations is 31 August 2018, before rooms will go back into inventory. We have two reunion hotels to book from, the Hampton Inn & Suites ? (256) 971-1850 & the Home2 ? (256) 971-1667 (both properties are nearby).

Please consider coming to our Huntsville, Alabama reunion 20 ? 22 September 2018 to find more information about how to file successfully for service connection, and herbicide exposure compensation claim with the VA.

Our methods are full proof, guaranteed 100% (enough of the snake oil salesmanship stuff), seriously our guest speaker is Benjy Rook our VA Certified Claims Agent from the great state of Arkansas and knows his stuff. No it?s not the same guy we heard from at the last reunion, so you got to come see for yourself and if you?re not from Arkansas you may need a translator. This is the very first time we are holding a reunion in Alabama and our reunion planning team has a number of possible events for us to try.

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