Comfort dogs as school in Florida

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In my opinion, using a "comfort dog" or other animal or object as some sort of crutch to make you feel better is just B.S. by the shrinks but if that is the case..................

my 'comfort object' is a semi automatic firearm with a large capacity magazine.

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    Remember after the election and all the brain dead wussies needed hot chocolate, safe rooms, grief counseling, and comfort animals to pet. And when that wasn't enough a lot of them hooded up, put masks on and went on a rampage destroying property and injuring others.

    These morons are the future of our country..........god help us!
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    Comfort animals and such things are the result of pampered generations growing up w/o learning to accept grief, deal with it, and move one. Generations of metro-nerds who have never had to deal with blood, guts, gore, and death like those farm kids who see and experience life and death daily.
    For instance:when I was 12 or 13 Mom and I drove onto the scene of a vehicle accident. Back then you didn't have the option to call 911. The man had a broken arm and the woman had a serious head injury that was bleeding like crazy (as such injuries usually do). Mom loaded them up in our car with me in the back seat holding a folded towel tightly on the head wound. When we got to the hospital, I went directly into the treatment room still holding that now blood soaked pad in place and stayed until the Dr was ready to deal with the bleeder. Nothing much was said about the incident at home except Mom was miffed about the blood stained car seat and my clothes. Maybe a week later, we got a thank you card with a $20 bill(quite a bit of money back then) to clean up the car and replace my clothes.
    No "comfort animal" was required although I did become somewhat callous toward injuries that don't have spurting arterial blood or dangling/protruding broken bones.
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