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  • tr foxtr fox Member Posts: 13,856
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    Over on General the other day you posted a comment to me and the thread was later locked so I could not reply.

    You stated something to the effect that "if someone doesn't believe in freedom, then they are a slimeball, etc."

    You should have said, to be correct and truthful, that if that someone doesn't believe in your defination of freedom then they are a slimeball. Oh, and to avoid being a "slimeball", that someone must also believe in your solution for our loss of freedom.
  • tr foxtr fox Member Posts: 13,856
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    I've read many of the post on here that I didn't read before I posted my question in another thread. Having done this I see where your responses came from for that post. Now as I read your post further I wonder if maybe a man of your age should be patting yourself on the back as lustily as you do, you could hurt yourself badly. An over inflated ego such as yours has brought many greater men to their knees.
  • tr foxtr fox Member Posts: 13,856
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    You posted this reply to my post over on General, and everything got locked so I couldn't continue.

    quote:So, unless you fit in one of those catagories, how does my position on this even effect you or infringe on your, or anybody elses here, rights?

    YOUR...and the government/nra methods used to distinguish those 'groups' you insist ought to be disarmed...involve forcing ALL to crawl on their bellies to beg permission to buy a weapon.
    This is intolerable to a man that believes in individual freedoms...and the basis foundation of this country.

    As usual you and your side has to duck, weave, distort and somehow find a way to avoid directly dealing with my statement. I will say it again. If you are not a child, an illegal alien, a convicted VIOLENT criminal nor haven been adjucated as a mental defective, then I do not advocate you or anyone else has to crawl on their knees to purchase, possess or carry a firearm.

    You take objection to my statement which makes me think you ARE one of the 4 groups I listed. Probably the child would be my guess.
  • tr foxtr fox Member Posts: 13,856
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    You posted this on a different thread and I did not want to hijack that one.

    See the highlighted area? I met a man today that is just like you described. He told me he is more patriotic than folks who wont "jump the hoops". He was talking about class 3 items. I was thinking about what you post all the time and how right on the mark you are with people just like I met.

    Highball Posted - 01/02/2010 : 2:29:37 PM

    Double-nine ;
    Welcome aboard.

    Your treatice is pretty accurate for the rank and file anti-gunner.

    There are other forms of this insanity, tho.

    Those that feel that government permission makes them special, somehow...more manly, more honest, a better citizen.

    Those pushing gun control so as to totally subjugate the citizens of this country..the better to instutite the tyranny they so earnestly crave.
  • tr foxtr fox Member Posts: 13,856
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    I noticed over on General your posts didn't brag about you being a canary *. Why? Did you remove the info because you are ashamed of it?

    Just wondering. Oh, you camp follows of Highball, feel free to jump in and be obnoxious in defense of your hero (as usual).
  • tr foxtr fox Member Posts: 13,856
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    quote:Originally posted by Highball
    No...I dont see Freeminds post as being sarcastic.
    Merely trying to apply the same logic towards cops as is applied to US..the tax-paying citizen.
    Once again, the King has rewarded his loyal servents...while *+++ on us, his subjects.


    To begin with, by no means do I profess to speak for anyone other than myself here. If others care to offer their opinions either way, feel free.

    I agree with a lot of what you have to say, and I am not saying this to troll, or start an argument, but the condescending, arrogant, pompous way you come across in many of your posts is a large reason I stay off of this board.

    I stay more active than most other gun owners in sending E-mails and physical letters to both politicians and journalists regarding the restrictive firearm laws. I have even had one major journalist respond, admitting he really didn't know much about guns, but he was relying on "other people" for his facts. I offered to take him shooting, so he could realize the true differences between a Tec-9 semi-auto, and a true machine gun (as he referred to the Tec-9 in his article). He took me up on the offer, and now understands the differences between them.

    I hope one day that you realize that most of us here are working for a common goal, and that your "I am the only one who is right" attitude really is not helping anyone here reach it. Like it or not, we currently have very restrictive gun laws. You can either take an active role in changing that (which I hope you are) or you can sit behind a keyboard, and tell a bunch of other gun enthusiasts that would probably be your ally that they are full of crap for having ANY belief that may differ from yours.
  • watrulookinatwatrulookinat Member Posts: 4,693
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    Tr fox,
    With Highball, it's all black n white no grey. I see the message he's trying to get across to everyone. In his eyes there can't be any grey area, because when there is, the libs, socialist, ect take advantage of it an run with it and want to make all these changes.

    I'm not siding with him just simply stating how I understand him through his posts. You have to stick with the words of the constitution and how it was originaly written and nothing less. There can't be any grey area or some one will take advantage of it.

    Either we all have the right to bare arms and nothing less. Thats why we have the right to bear arms, if someone has a mental health issue and shoots the place up we have the right to have a gun on our person to protect ourselves. If you start throwing in stipulations on the(Second Amendment)right to bear arms then you open the door for them to close it.

    Just my opinion.
  • HighballHighball Member Posts: 15,755
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    Advanced ;
    Very good. Naturally, with the trfoxes of the world, EVERYTHING is grey....

    Duck and weave ? What a laugh.
    Every time I address you and one of your 'issues' I reach down your throat and rip out your ducking involved.
    You trfoxes/nras of this world INSIST that begging government for permission to buy a weapon really ISN'T begging.because some misfit `might' get a gun.'legally'.

    Illegality has NOTHING to do with how many weapons a person OWNS.and EVERYTHING to do with the MISUSE of those weapon..under the Second Amendment.

    Simple fact.

    So utterly simple, you `smart' guys are too utterly simple to grasp..
  • nunnnunn Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 35,795 ******
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    Locking this one too.
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