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Rules regarding selling mags

bskbsk Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
If someone left the military, moved back home, and eventually unpacked and found they had several 30 round M-16/AR-15 style magazines would they be allowed to sell them, such as at a gun show?


  • StoBtruppenStoBtruppen Member Posts: 278 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    This actually belongs in Ask the Experts or General Discussion and to answer your question, I am both military and civilian law enforcement and the answer would be a definitely not under penalty of stolen government property.
    Even though it may seem petty now, you really should call your previous chain of command and explain the situation and that some how accidentally all these magazines were packed in your bag and find out what they want you to do from there would be my suggestion, as I have seen things such as this turn into serious problems later.
    Hope that helps, Regards.
  • trapguy2007trapguy2007 Member Posts: 8,959
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    Thanks a lot !![}:)]
    We tax payers are getting hosed daily .
    And you want to know about selling property that was stolen from "us" .
  • Don McManusDon McManus Member Posts: 23,418 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    If you remove them from the rifle they can be sold. It is theft and illegal, but would be hard to trace.

    Be very careful, however, who you tell about the M-4 that you also brought home. That be one hot potato.
    Freedom and a submissive populace cannot co-exist.

    Brad Steele
  • wpagewpage Member Posts: 10,204 ✭✭✭
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    Wrong forum anywhere...
    Stealing is wrong.
  • USN_AirdaleUSN_Airdale Member Posts: 2,987
    edited November -1
    if they were "mistakenly" packed in your gear, the best thing to do is just keep your mouth shut and do NOT post your ineptitude on any gun forum.

    in fact if i were you, i would delete this thread !!
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