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Check this out.

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Apparently, all of this time I thought our personal information was protected and no list of sales was kept by the Government when we purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer as outlined in the Gun Control Act of 1968, which specifically forbids the establishment of a centralized Federal gun registry. Well, I'm either misunderstanding what I'm reading -I think not- or I've been misled on how the whole "system" works for a while now.

Now I think I know why there's such a push to use the "Gun Show Loophole" phrase to scare politicians into creating more laws to track firearms.

ATF publicized global access in United Nations Disarmament Marking and Tracing Workshops held in Nairobi, Kenya in December, 2007, Lom?, Togo in April, 2008, Rio de Janeiro in June, 2008, and other locations. ATF reports over 2,000 agencies around the world and over 10,000 individuals have access to American gun owner personal information. Tracing data is of no value without identifying the individual purchaser (name & address), so ATF specifically provides "a description of the original retail purchaser" to the requestor. In GAO Report 09-709, ATF reports the National Tracing Center, "conducts the gun traces, and returns information on their findings to the submitting party".

Countries formally provided with eTrace software and access to American gun owner names and addresses include:

1. Mexico, 2. Colombia, 3. Suriname, 4. Tobago, 5. Guyana, 6. Canada, 7. Germany, 8. Bahamas, 9. Jamaica, 10. Dominican Republic, 11. Barbados, 12. Anguilla, 13. Antigua, 14. Barbuda, 15. Aruba, 16. Curacao, 17. Dominica, 18. Grenada, 19. St Vincent, 20. Grenadines 21. St. Lucia, 22. Belize, 23. Costa Rica, 24. El Salvador, 25. Guatemala, 26. Panama, 27. St. Kitts, 28. Nevis, 29. several Caribbean police forces, 30. Britain, 31. Australia, 32. Japan.

If Wikipedia's definition/information is wrong, no one has refuted it.

Take time to read this too. This is where I first saw the reference to the eTrace system while reading about the Mexican-American "gun problem". Apparently our Government has no issue at all with letting KNOWN corrupt governments like Mexico -OR ANY FOREIGN G'MENT FOR THAT MATTER- have Federally OK'd access to our names and addresses via eTrace as outlined in this GAO document. By the way, the original document was missing but I found an archived copy of it here:

Here's an article about Belgium being onboard:


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