Rifle sale from Ky. to Tenn.

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Hey there,
Thanks for looking. Can I sell replica Winchester rifles to a Tenn. resident from a Ky. resident without any papers at all? The rifles will be picked up in Ky. and taken back to Tenn.
My concern is crossing the state line.

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    This would probably be easiest answered by calling a local FFL. If you are near Paducah, I would suggest Shooters Supply. They will tell you what you need, and they won't write down your name and send the MIB after you.

    Having said that, sales between individuals are not supposed to be regulated in the state of Ky so long as it is a legal weapon to trade.

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    Thanks for the info. We found nothing is involved but a bill of sale with serial#'s listed. Seems states that board your state are legal transfers for rifles.
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    Federal law requires that transfers between residents of different States be conducted through an FFL, usually in the buyer's home State.
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