Sounds worthy- "Triple Deuce"


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    It takes a lot of shooting to shoot out a .222. Even for competition. If it doesn't shoot bugholes, I would say it's time to 'modernize' all the tolerances and see what it does. If it doesn't shoot then, you need a new barrel.

    Overall, I wouldn't go with $1800 as being worth it. Current, used rifles, known to shoot bugholes, go for around that. While this is nostalgic I would hardly consider it collectible to the level of newer rifle's with much tighter tolerances and processes that make them shoot better.
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    I would buy it for the starting bid in a heart beat. +1 for a 222 takes a lot of shooting. My 722 was well used when Dad got it. I put over 10,000 rounds threw it thought mostly cast bullets. Several years ago I put a way better scope on it. At 350 yards I can take out the center of a clay bird with jacket bullets off a picknic table using a pack for a rest.
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    The seller obviously doesn't know much about firearms but has been told to 'juice up' his ad in order to command the incredibly inflated price for this rifle.

    It is NOT a rail gun but it is a version of a benchrest rifle with radii built into the stock forend. I know you know this but I'm stating it for others who may not.

    The rifle appears to be used and abused judging by the lack of finish and the condition of the receiver. You are essentially buying the action and the stock, if you even care for the stock so base your bids according. I would plan on tearing the barrel off and working on the receiver before proceeding in any direction with this as a project.

    I would go with the starting price as absolute maximum and tell him that he's lucky to get that.

    Please check your e-mail.

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    Reply sent-[:)]

    Agree 100%[:D]
    Rail gun- Yes

    Not so much-

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    That shipping method would scare me. If they can't give you a max dollar cost for shipping to the lower 48 it can be a way for them to inflate the profit. The BIN seems pretty steep for a rifle that has a rusty action, few pictures and no finish on it.
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    +1 more on the durability of the .222 barrel. I've been shooting a mid-50's Marlin 322 for more than 40 years now, I've worn out two sets of dies, but the rifle still keeps holding on a dime at 100 yards as long as I do my part. You would have the basis of a fine casual shooter that should give you plenty of enjoyable shooting as long as the innards of the action haven't been hurt.
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