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I bought this old clunker at a gun show last Sat. It's light blue in color, marked "Standard" on one side and "Pacific" on the other. It takes standard shell holders and seems to be in good mechanical shape. It's the old "C" style and has a backward lean design. It should make a good pistol or bullet seating press. It will probably have too much "spring" for heavy full length rifle case sizing. I don't need it at all but I have a weakness for old reloading stuff. It was only $10 so if I just toss it in a corner it's worth it. But, if I can find room for it on my bench, I'll bolt it down and put it back to work. Or, better yet, if/when I run across some one who is just starting out, I'll give it to 'em. It will make a great starter press.


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    I've been using a Pacific press since 1969. Great press. I even found a piston to convert to shell holders instead of changing pistons for different calibers.
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    This one takes the standard (RCBS, Lyman, etc.) shell holders. The ram is slotted to take them and there is a set screw rather than the spring clip that the RCBS ram has.
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    There is a lot less spring in those old C presses like the Pacific than you might think. I have a old HERTERS C press that can handle anything you can throw at it.

    10 bucks? You stole it. [^][^]
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    I have a really old one, I put an rcbs ram in to make it quick change. If yours has the ears for a tie bar to the primer arm pivot it will take plenty.

    My dad had a old herters c monster. It would spring some in radical case forming. I'd bet I made and sold 10 adapters to convert them to rcbs style shell holders. Poorest design and functioning primer arm I ever used. Likely why I use my 310 tong tool for almost all my priming needs.

    $10 was bargin, would make a nice starter. Last year I turned down a big rusty herter's c for free. Should have taken it and found it a new home.
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    quote:This one takes the standard (RCBS, Lyman, etc.) shell holders.

    Just as a bit of trivia, Pacific originated the T-slot detachable shellholder. RCBS, Lyman, etc. are copying Pacific.
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