Neck Size 7mm Rem Mag for Encore?

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I know for pumps and auto loaders you have to full length size, what about single shots such as the encore?

I recently acquired an Encore in 7mm Remington mag and currently have FL dies. I had a very small quantity of brass which I reloaded and am in the process of shooting. If I can neck size I will delay reloading till I get a neck size die to avoid full length sizing again. Still have six loaded rounds which is sufficient for hunting purposes after sighting in. I need to purchase neck size dies anyway for a Ruger 77 I also recently acquired. Don't look forward to having to keep two separate batches of brass, but know that is what I'm faced with regardless.


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    You can just back off the f?l die a full turn so it does not push the shoulder back, it then acts just like a neck die.

    I found the 300 win mag Encore barrel would be fine for 3-4 firings per case before I had to F/L the brass again. YMMV, but the cases are similar.
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    Some guns do well with neck sizing other not so much. +1 for backing off regular FL dies to neck size. The collet die from Lee looks impressive (never tried one myself but consider a 7mmRmag).

    Take a sharp small triangle needle file and cut a small v notch in your TC brass's rim, helps to always load with notch in same place in both gun and shell holder.
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    Thanks, wasn't sure if fl sizing was recommended for the encore/single shots, I had always feed my .223 contender barrel the reloads that would not feed in my mini 14 since I only used it for plinking.

    Wasn't planning on using the encore to hunt with this soon but Monday my son said he wanted to use it this weekend.

    It needed a scope, but I had a brand new Simmoms 2.5-10x50 that had been in a drawer for 10 plus years, and found an old set of rings.

    No ammo, but had 24 rounds of brass and some Sierra Gameking 140gr boattail spitzers I loaded in my 7mm08 years back.

    My dies were Lyman for which I had no decapping pins, so I put the decapper assembly from the RCBS 7-08 dies in the body for my 300 WSM to create a deprime unit, then run them thru the proper sizing die.

    Trashed one case during setup, took 3 rounds to get the scope zeroed. He decided the scope was too far back after getting hit 2 out of 3 times, moved the scope forward one notch on the rails, 3 more shots to re-establish zero, he fired two more groups one left handed and one right to make sure he was comfortable with it. I fired 5 shots out of the Ruger 77 just to try it out, leaving him with 6 rounds for hunting which is more than enough for a 2-day hunt with a limit of one.
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    I have the deluxe die set from LEE. You get full length die, neck die, and bullet seating die.

    I use the neck sizing die as much as I can.
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    +1 on the Lee collet dies (I have several). One of the supposed virtues of neck sizer is longer case life but when you think about it, most case failure is from split necks--at least mine are. Convential neck sizer dies share the same method of sizing the neck as FL dies, that is, they squeeze the neck down a little too far and then the expander button pushes the neck back out to the dia. needed to hold the bullet. This works the brass, hardens it, and eventually causes the neck to split. The Lee collet die squeezes the case neck against a mandril to create the proper inside neck dia. without having to squeeze it too far and then having to open it up again. IOW, it doesn't work the neck as much and brass should last longer. I haven't experimented enough to prove this theory but it makes sense to me. Redding also makes dies with interchangeable bushings that size the neck just enough. But with the Redding you need a different bushing for each brand/batch of cases while the Lee is adjustable.

    When I have more than one rifle in a given cartridge, I keep the cases separate for each rifle. I just mark the box "700BDL" or "Win 70", etc. It takes a little longer to find a box of .30/06 cartridges for the right rifle but reloading/shooting is about the details and lack of attention will get you into trouble in most endeavors and is certain to in reloading!
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    It is and has been my intention to buy lee dies to get the neck sizing and factory crimp dies.
    In the past I just backed the FL dies out and never worried about crimping since I usually shot paper and feed single rounds. Now I rarely shoot paper and would rather have a crimp on the hunting loads going in the magazine.
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    I usually back the FL die out 1/8-1/4 turn so as not to bump the shoulder back and neck turn that way. Otherwise, for my more accurate cartridges, I get a neck sizing die along with the FL die (deluxe set of Redding or Lee). Don't load super hot and you won't have to FL resize that often.
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