Rubber bullets.

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Any one know where I can get rubber bullets.A friend back in the UK wants me to get him some as they are getting to get over there.I didnt know they even existed.Thanks.


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    Thank you for the info.
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    Not to high-jack but where do you find loading DATA
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    quote:Originally posted by perry shooter
    Not to high-jack but where do you find loading DATA

    Not needed. It's never going to cycle a semi auto; just the primer will push it out of the barrel, and i've heard of people just shooting it with only the primer, or with just a pinch of fast powder- I know a guy who shoots these in his basement over the winter in his .38 special, primer, .25 gr of bullseye (yes 1/4 of a grain). Goes FUT fairly loudly but outside you can't hardly hear more than the sound of a hammer would make. He only started using a tiny bit of powder because the primer alone wouldn't penetrate his 'target', a thick box filled with crumpled newspaper, but a tiny bit of powder was enough to let the rubber bullet punch through the cardboard and stop pretty quickly.

    This is his gun, his load, his basement. I have never done this and certainly don't advocate for it one way or another.

    I suppose you could load them up to whatever you wanted, but at much speed at all it's just going to destroy the bullet so it's kind of pointless to go above gallery loads.
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    I have Speer plastic cases and bullets that just use primers to shoot. Midway has them.
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    If shooting those indoors, I would pay attention to getting some fresh air in, and the old air out as breathing the output of primers is probably not very healthy.
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    Those Speers are nothing to underestimate, up close.
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