how big? 1/5 scale silly-wets

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Got a rimfire silly-wet match coming up in a few weeks, I want to make some practice targets.

What size are the 1/5 scale animals?

I'd like to print up some slightly smaller bulls to shoot at 50 to 125 yards...



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    I don't know about the rimfires, but centerfire silhouettes are all just a little over 2 moa in their small dimension, like the depth of body on the pig and ram. A hit on head or leg or way out in the ham is just luck.
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    I have a couple of the old 22cal. steel sets made by Remington.
    I believe they are 1/5 scale but not positive.
    I measured them as noted below ,height was from the top of the base to the highest point..

    chicken -- top of head to base = 2-3/8" x tail to beak = 2-3/4"
    pig -- top of shoulder to base = 3" x nose to tail = 4-1/2"
    turkey--top of head to base = 4-3/4" x tail to beak = 4"
    ram-- top of horns to base = 5-1/2" x rump to nose = 6-1/2"

    hope this helps
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