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Blind hog and acorn

perry shooterperry shooter Member Posts: 17,107 ✭✭✭
I don't usually toot my own horn. But at 70 might be the last time I get to do this . The NRA runs a postal Bulls-eye pistol match once a year each state has a 10 man team Made up of the ten best scores in the 22 National match course Fired at the state championship .I just found out I made the CUT and we won the national title for second year in a row. Scores are posted in the NRA national postal pistol match. YOO HOO
EDIT I just looked through my records The first time I made the winning National team was 1989 The team can have 10 members as long as they have address within that state. We have Quantico home of the Marine Marksmanship Unit. In Va. In 1989 the team was made up of 9 Marines and ME what made it even sweeter was I was high man on the team with a NMC. score of 297
Karl Woerner AKA Perry Shooter


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