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Copper plated bullets?

wiz1997wiz1997 Member Posts: 1,051 ✭✭
I have come across a box of bullets manufactured by West Coast Bullets Inc of Carson City, Nevada. The company is no longer in business. The box is labeled "Copper Bullets" in the corner.
Am I correct that these are plated bullets?
New to reloading so all info is appreciated.
Also need opinions about using these in an M1A or a Ruger Gunsite Scout.
They are .308 150gr FP


  • Hawk CarseHawk Carse Member Posts: 4,319 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    As best I can tell, Xtreme is the followon to West Coast and the bullets are copper plated.

    I'd call them up and ask how fast the rifle bullets should be loaded.
  • nononsensenononsense Member Posts: 10,934 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1

    From Xtreme's website:

    Load Info:
    - Our Copper Plated Bullets can be run at mid-range jacketed velocities or higher end lead velocities. We do not recommend velocities over 1500 FPS (Feet Per Second) and only a light taper crimp.
    Any velocities over 1200 FPS we recommend either our Heavy Plate Concave Base or Hollow Point products for superior accuracy. We do not recommend velocities over 1500 FPS (Feet Per Second) and only a light taper crimp.
    - All of our Hard Cast Lead Bullets are approximately 18 on Brinell, our Cowboy lead bullets are approximately 15 on Brinell.

  • Riomouse911Riomouse911 Member Posts: 3,493 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    I am not sure if you can run the plated bullets fast enough to drive the M1A system reliably. This is not an issue with the Ruger , it will eat them up just fine. Maybe cast boolits dot com has info on the semi auto- lead bullet loads that might work.
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