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thinkin bout building another rifle

my 308 has been good to me. But over 1k yards it doesnt exactly shine especially compared to the new 6.5mm(.264) bullets and external ballistics.
Thinking of building in 260 rem match or 6.5x284. A brux barrel. On a tuned up 700 short action.
My 308 holds a special place and i could rebarrel it to 260 and neck my brass down. Thatd be the easiest on the wallet.
But then i could keep my 308 and build another rifle from scratch.
Decisions decisions


  • JustCJustC Member Posts: 16,049 ✭✭✭
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    also consider the 6.5x55AI, gets 6.5x284 MV with a little less powder (longer barrel life).

    If you are going to recycle the 308 brass, you'll need to learn to anneal the necks.

    easier to have both[:D]
  • CbtEngr01CbtEngr01 Member Posts: 4,340
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    it would be reused 308 brass if i went with the 260, leaning more towards that than the 6.5x284.
    I have a rem 700 long action. Been researching the 6.5-06. I know how accurate the 260 is with a quality set up. Trying to see how the 6.5-06 stacks up against it.
    Is it a case of 308 vs 30-06, where the 308 is inherently more accurate?
  • JustCJustC Member Posts: 16,049 ✭✭✭
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    once you move to a trued/squared action, match grade barrel, worked or aftermarket trigger, pillar bedded stock etc etc (all assuming a capable gunsmith, NOT just a gunsmith in and of themselves) the .308 vs 30-06 inherent accuracy argument is a moot. Even once considered grossly overbore cartridges such as the 300RUM are being used with the new, heavier bullets and barrels, coupled with todays MUCH higher quality powders, to creat some outstanding 1000+yd accuracy (Hence the reason I just pulled mine out, and had some tweeks done,...a renewed interest if you will).

    I have a 6.5-06imp and it is very accurate. H4831sc for me has been the go-to for this length case (280AI as well) with heavy bullets. I also have a 6.5x55imp so I would say I have some experience with both case lengths (even though the x55 case is slightly longer than the 08 cases). My 6.5x55imp is more accurate at 400+yds, but I attribute that to the rifle being built by the gunsmith, for his personal competition rifle. It also sports a heavier profile, Kreiger 4 groove vs a PacNor select match 6 groove in a thinner #4 contour. The x55 is on a completely trued win70 with a jewell, vs the 06imp on a sako L691 with no work and factory trigger (which is very nice BTW). Both are bedded in HS Precision stocks.

    Bottom line, a properly built rifle, without cutting corners, will most likely show little, to no accuracy difference, other than one rifle having the more "in tune" load than the other.

    06 brass and 08 brass are everywhere in high end match grade examples. That is a non-issue. The 06 case will however lend a bit more MV, if your plan is 1000yds, thus slightly increasing resistance to wind drift. That however will only be evident to those shooters capable of reading wind flags and mirage (something I must admit is still MY weakest point)
  • nononsensenononsense Member Posts: 10,935 ✭✭✭✭
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    I'm going to combine this thread answer with the one you brought back from 2005 regarding accuracy of RWS brass.

    quote:But over 1k yards it doesnt exactly shine

    How much farther would you like to shoot?

    The .308 Win. is limited by a lack of horsepower and bullet BC. You can't expect to push this cartridge much further even with superbly slippery bullets. This is true to the point that the military has specified the .300 Win. Mag. to take over past 800 yards.

    To the same extent, the .260 Rem. has similar limitations except that you can extend the distance a little bit, less drop and drift past that magical 1,000 yards. I don't think that reusing your original .308 Win. brass contributes anything to the discussion at all. If you're really trying to improve your target accuracy at distances beyond 1,000 yards, you owe it to yourself to start with the best components. Scrimping on a few dollars worth of brass is really penny wise/pound foolish. Skip the .260 Rem. and reusing your .308 Win. brass.

    As the aside to your other question regarding accuracy from specific name brand brass, RWS brass like Lapua and Horneber brass is noteworthy and has a greater value due to the excellent quality and consistency of each case. To keep this short, using the expensive, high quality brass assures me of fewer errors due to aberrations in the brass manufacturing. The better the brass, the less I worry about flyers and unexplained dropped points. In many situations, when combined with top-of-the-line bullets, my groups are more round and symmetrical. This is not to say that I'm incapable of shooting a bad group because that's simply not true. It is stating that the potential for better consistency is apparent.

    The question boils down to just how far you want to shoot with what type of accuracy? I have an AR10 type platform for tactical style competitions which will perform at 1 MOA out to 1,000 yards. This works great to knock down steel plates but if I require better accuracy throughout the course of fire then I need a bolt rifle instead.

    For accuracy out to and including 1,000 yards, I use the 6mm Creedmoor or the 6mm Rem. (slightly improved) topped with the best Match grade 105 gr. bullets on the market. Under 'normal' circumstances either will be sufficient for my purposes. If the conditions get dicey or the time frame for each scenario get shorter then I switch to a 6.5 RSAUM and pour the coals on the fire! The last barrel tested went just a tad past 4,000 round (and it was still a 1/2" barrel) before we pulled it to put on a new one. This is as hot as I'll go except for brief excursions with a 6.5 WSM.

    I have a couple of 6.5-06 AIs on the board right now although they will be a month out now at this point in time. These will be long action competition rifles in the same performance vein as the RSAUM version. Plus I've added a .264 Win. Mag. into the same mix. It will be up there with the 6.5 WSM but for a longer range, lightweight hunter instead.

    Now I'm aware that most casual shooters will start screaming about a lack of barrel life for a couple of these cartridges but most of what they think is wrong anyway. I wouldn't suggest a cartridge for 1,000 yard accuracy unless barrel life was decent. No it won't get close to the 6mm BR or the .308 Win. but the performance level is much further above those two also.

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