shotgun reloader?

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I want to reload 2 1/2" 410 for skeet what loader do you use?


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    I like to use Win 296 and have for many many years. I am still reloading the old Win compression formed cases with Win 209 primers-14 grains of Win 296 powder-Win AA410 wad (or Claybuster will also work)-and 1/2 oz of Magnum shot. Very important to use the very best and hardest shot available if you want really good patterns.
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    I recommend a MEC 600 machine. They are adjustable for length. You can find them used on the various auction sites.

    If you're going to reload a lot of shells you might be better served with a MEC 650 which is a progressive press.

    The 600 and 650 use different charge bars. The 600 press uses the 302 series bars and the 650 press use the 500 series bars. A half ounce (shot) bar and the correct powder bushing for the powder you'll be using and you'll have the equipment you need.
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    +1 on the Mec 600 jr.
    Easy to control and change, about 4 boxes per hour. If shooting with a semi-auto (not common for .410)you'll need a model 70 or 7000 to assure proper feeding. If O/U a 650 will do.

    Have fun, a .410 will show you just "where" your aim is.
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    +2, I use a Mec 600 for 410 shells with good results.
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    I have 2 MEC 600's. One set sor 2 1/2" & one fore 3". I also have a MEC Grabber progressive loader. I love the Grabber, but it took me a while to get it set so it works smoothly. The smaller the ga. the less room for error in the adjustments. I still like the 600's, they are hard to beat.
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