Standard or Magnum Primers?

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Hi guys,
In all my reloading books I have 4, they list federal 210 primers for 7.62X54 Russian. I have no federal primers. The question is whether to use standard or mag primers. This is for my Nagants. I have been reloading for 30 years, so I am not new to the game. Any experienced yays or nays would be helpful.I am using IMR4064 powder in all my .30 calibers.
As all ammo that is imported is either mil ball or light AP in steel cases. I am planning on using 190 grn BTHP, as well as 150grn. and 165 grn. ballistic tips.
I bought new brass for my Russian friends and need some input.
Thanx in advance.


  • RobOzRobOz Member Posts: 9,197 ✭✭✭
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    I would use standard with IMR4064
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    I load for similar calibers and standard primers were always good enough for 4064.

    I think a lot of load data for this caliber was developed when the rifles from Finland were coming in. Those have .309 bores. The Soviet rifles would probably be better served with .311 or 303 caliber bullets. I have not loaded for mine yet but the bore measures about the same as an Enfield.

    AFAIK the good ammo from "low voltage factory no. 188" which is coming in now, has a .311 bullet.
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    IMR4064 burns fast enough, and is not that temp sensitive that there is any need to bump up to magnum primers. Go with standard primers.
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    Go with whatever primer you have or can find. Just start low and work up and you will be fine.
  • distinguisheddistinguished Member Posts: 62
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    I would recommend a non magnum primer.
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