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I have some .40 S&W boxer primed, aluminum Blazer cases once fired. Could I use these for reloads?


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    Nope, the aluminum is too brittle
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    All the blazer stuff I have seen is berdan primed. I have seen reloaded aluminum cases but I think its a poor plan.
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    If they are boxer primed you can reload them. I tried this with light SWC loads for .45ACP and got about 4 reloads before they cracked (YMMV).
    The primer pocket was a little lose after 3 reloads, but was not an issue.

    Would I normally use these? Heck NO!! I just was running a little test to see if you could do it and what the results were. For anyone who cares I used large Winchester pistol primers and 3.8-4.1 grains of Clays, 200 gr. SWC lead.

    Edit: Yes they say NR. "Some" do use a std primer (most do not). Should they be reloaded, NO! Will Alum become brittle and crack, YES! But that wasn't what he ask.
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    The letters NR stand for NON RELOADABLE. The aluminum case gets work hardened, and cracks. They are Berdan primed (anvil is part of cartridge case, NOT the primer) and the aluminum anvil will not stand up to repeated firing pin impacts. Primers are also different size from standard.
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    Thanks, geeguy. I was looking for something positive here. I don't intend to load for more than once. The only thing I have in 40 S&W is a Hi-Point Pistol. Mild loads with 180 grain cast lead work this blow-back fine with under two inch groups at 25 yards. Not going to pay $1.00 per round of ammo here....Looks like there will be plenty of 40 S&W rounds laying around with Homeland Security anyways.[xx(]
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    If your paying a buck a round for 40s&w your shopping at the wrong store. As for reloading disposable blazer cases, I will just SMH.
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    NO!!!! Same goes with ".223 practice ammo" steel cases
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    SOME blazer cases ARE Boxer Primed....... I have used them for novelty loads. Shot loads, rubber bullets, dog training blanks, gallery loads, etc.

    I suspect they are marked as not reloadable because there is no testing and/ordata available for it.
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    I refuse to use Blazer ammo. It's inferior IMHO.
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    The question to be asked is; do you want to shoot a case that is made of a brittle metal; one very prone to breaking under stress, that is operating in the 33,000 PSI range while holding it in your hand?

    If you do, have at it.
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    Why waste your time with the Blazer junk...I am assuming you have 40S&W brass also...if ya don't, email me your address and I will send ya a couple hundred once fired polished cases...reloader44mag
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