Case Forming the 17 Hornet

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I bought the Redding Form & Trim die. I had some trouble. With the thin 22 Hornet cases, quite a few collapsed. You just can't screw in the die so it touches the shell holder. Doing so collapsed all of the cases. Step 1: Screw the die in so that it is one about 1 thread in. Step 2: heavy lube the case all the way up to the mouth. Step 3: Run the case up until resistance is felt. Step 4: Gently raise the case so that only about 1/16 inch, lower the case and see if it has collapsed. Raise the case again about 1/16 inch lower and repeat twice more. With the ram fully up, the case mouth should be about even with the top of the die or slightly above.

Even with the above, you'll crumble a fair number of cases.

After partially sizing all your cases, screw the die in until it touches the shell holder and cams over slightly. Run the cases all the way up and file.

At this point the cases appear to be partially sized and need to be deburred and chamfered.

Does anyone know if full length sizing will finish the process or is fire forming also needed?

Thanks in advance.



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    Are you using the redding sizing die wax? It is my favorite other than the lee case lube.

    I would think fire forming is the finishing step. Some case forming dies use more steps 357 to 22 Jet is a two or 10 die operation.
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    I used Hornady case lube. It's like a soft wax that melts a bit higher than body temp.

    I've formed the 219 and 25-35 from 30-30 and 250 Savage from 308. The 219 and 250 Sav have 3 dies and finish with the FL die. The 25-35 just uses the FL die. Haven't tried to neck the 250 down in a 22/250 die yet but it shouldn't be hard.

    The 17 Hornet is just trickier and rejects are more costly.
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    Hi victorj19. If Redding is trying to do it all with one die I think that is the problem. I have a RCBS forming die set for my 17 Ackley Hornet. It takes the two form dies plus the 17 Ackley Hornet full length sizing die to make a 22 Hornet case into the 17 Ackley Hornet. Never lost a case in the process. Only use virgin unfired brass. I have lost a few to fire forming that is it. Also use only Remington brass, the neck area is thinner and easier to form. Also I haven't found new Winchester 22 Hornet brass, Remington is all I have found.
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