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Is it more efficient to use a full load of cases when tumbling brass or will the cases get cleaner if there are fewer cases and comparatively more media?

I would think that a smaller load of brass would be better for cleaning and polishing since there will be more media in contact with the brass rather than brass on brass contact, but I'm interested to hear everybody else's take.


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    I think there is a best combination of brass to media so that the weight of the brass helps put pressure on the media's contact with the brass and helps with the polishing/abrading but I don't know what it is.
    My experience is that with a bowl full of brass and enough media to just cover it I get the most efficiency out of my tumbler.

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    Really grubby or tarnished brass seems to clean up quicker with a full load in the tumbler(using walnut hulls). Putting a polish on doesn't seem to make so much difference with the ratio of media-brass.
    Just my experience/opinion.
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    The biggest difference is adding a small amount of the case cleaner, Ive used several kinds with good results including Mothers car wax.
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    To me it is the cleanliness of the media; if it is old and used up it seems to take forever compared to new cleaning media. Along with the condition of the brass when dropped inside. If the brass is a tarnished mess, it (naturally) takes more time to clean it up.
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