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Need Load ran through Quickload please

lksmith03lksmith03 Member Posts: 1,742 ✭✭✭✭✭
I am working on a load for my weatherby and would certainly like someone with QL to run it through for me.
300 Weatherby Magnum
150gr Hornady FMJ-BT
70.0gr IMR4064
Weatherby (Norma) Brass
Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum Primer
Full length sized
Avg Vel 3620fps
Factory Weatherby Mark V , 26"bbl
No pressure signs on case or primer
No sticky or rough extraction

This is as high as I'm going to go on this powder bullet combo as I was first going for factory velocity and then tweak to my gun that way I can use factory if needed without re-zeoring
The spread isn't what I typically load (Usually 20-40fps depending on caliber) but this is a first pass.

What was surprising is the velocity difference between Neck sizing and Full length sizing. When neck sizing only I was getting an average of~32-3300 and similar spread with the same charge, powder, primer, bullet, brass and OAL

Thanks in advance
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