.308 110 gr Speer Hotcore

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Has anyone tried them in a 300AAC? I managed to get 5 boxes at Midway when the last batch came in. Was planning to use them as a deer bullet if they perform as other HotCore bullets have for me.


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    I use them in my Blackhawk and Contender in .30 M1; nice, tight groups.
    I have to figure out some way to load them for the carbine....too long for regular seating, and too short might bump pressures too high.
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    Have you shot any meat with them?
    I compared the profiles and think they'll work fine in the Blackout. I'd feel some better if I had some comments on how they hold together and expand/penetrate.
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    A long time ago a buddy bagged a deer with his Ruger 30 carbine pistol using them. I think he had issues with keeping the bullets in the case, this was long before taper crimp dies were common. IIRC he ended up bonding them in my like the factory asphalt type glue.
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    I recall reading somewhere, maybe Speer No. 11, that they were "of game bullet construction,...."
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    Guess I'll crank out a few and see how they work on meat deer.
    The plan is for this to be a step in the progression of deer rifles for Grandsons.
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    I have shot several deer and turkeys with the Sierra .308" 125gr spitzer from a .308 pistol. Worked very well.
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