ZV headstamped 5.56 Brass Problems

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Trying to get a batch of .223 loaded.I have mixed headstamped military brass,mostly Lake City.When I started seating bullets most of the brass marked ZV necks were too loose to hold the bullet.The bullet would go to the crimp ring and the case mouth was too loose at the crimp ring and the bullet would move up and down.I tried to adjust the seating die to crimp it,but it had to be adjusted so far in it would push the shoulder of the brass back.The LC and other brass are working fine.Bad Brass or am I doing something wrong?


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    When the brass necks are thinner than others (as seen with Remington 45ACP years ago) the sizing die does not squeeze the neck back enough to create the .002-.003 neck tension desired.

    Measure the thickness of the necks and buy an expander ball that is .004 less than the bullet diameter plus the neck thickness times two.
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    A prime reason to stick with one brand of brass. The neck thickness and in the web can be different resulting in different operating pressures which is not conducive to accuracy but is helpful for spray and pray crowd.

    You night try a Lee Factory Crimp die, collet squeezing as opposed to an edge.
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    Size a few of the problem brass w/o the decapping/neck expander in the die. Try those to see if the bullet is tight. If so, do ts to all that type of brass and load as usual. Discard/recycle after firing. I have a "customized" loading setup for processed .223 brass. In the sequence is a standard sizing die w/o decap pin that is used as a powder check station. All cases have the neck sized just prior to bullet seating, making neck tension tighter than normal.
    The brass you have may be thinner in the neck. It may also be too soft to hold the bullet when seated-if this is the problem, there's no remedy.
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    I am with dcs shooters. Throw it away!
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    You could try running it through the sizing die with the expander removed after decapping. See if the bullet will seat without bulging.

    But, for something as dirt common as .223, I'd just scrap it.
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