reloading for the sw 500 ?????

i just picked up a sw 500 in 4" and i reload so of course im going to reload for this as well , i am finding limited info on this but have found some good sites , BUT i just found one that talks about cases pre 03 took pistol cases and now are marked with lr for rifle cases /
my question is i have also scrounged up some 500 brass and there a mix some with an R some without .
i know the rifle case the primer pocket is a bit deeper , the question is do i have to use a mix of primers , can i still use my cci 350 in all the cases or do i need to just use rifle in the ones marked so .

also anyone have loads they would like to share please do so . for now im setting on a lot of ols 50 ae projectiles and would like to use them up first there raniner 335

so i guess the $1500. question is can i use my cci350 primers in the cases marked with a r and if not please advise why

i would like to use up this 5k lot of cci350 i have on hand now that i have a gazillion 44mag loaded and sold the 50ae

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