Where Did the Time Go?

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Last night I as looking through my range notes and got to the .222 data. I noticed I had a load that shot well in a couple of rifles but hadn't tried it in the Anschutz. (25 gr. Benchmark with 40 gr. ballistic tip, V-max, or Blitz-King.) So I thought I'd load some. I keep my brass separate for each rifle and mark the end *. So I went to the shelves with the empty brass and found 3 boxes marked Anschutz. The brass had been fired 3 times and the last time it had been loaded was 1996! Now at my age, the 70's seem like last week and the 90's seem like yesterday but still, 18 years is a while. So I loaded that brass and I'm going to get in a range day real soon (I don't think I've got another 18 years!).


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    I still have one box of my 7 Rem Mag Norma brass loaded with Hornady 162 BT Match bullets from 1976. Back then I had to put scotch tape over the hole in the target or you wouldn't believe the second bullet went threw that same hole at 100 yards. I doubt the rifle and I could do today with that ammo, however I'd bet we could catch dinner.
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    I'm FINDING THE SAME THING. I'll look through the loading record book and find that the last time I loaded this or that cartridge was a dozen years ago. Just today my wife asked me if I was going to go to the range before this years membership lapses- they go from Sept to August. I've been there once so far.
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