Winchester, AA Super-Handicap

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Bought a Beretta 45 auto recently. Factory ammo is to expensive still. I remember the good old days, when you could go into Walmart. And buy the 100 round white box of Winchester, for a little over $20.

Getting reloading components where I live. Out in the sticks, is a bear!

Got once fired brass, Federal primers and some 250 grain lead bullets. Couldn't find any handgun powder for the life of me.

Happened on a stash of this Winchester Super Handicap shotgun powder. Figured I will give it a try. Loaded 3 1/2 grains. ( My old Bullseye load ), Had to seat the bullets deep so that they would chamber. OAL was 1.180. using Lee dies.

Shot OK, and was fairly accurate. Only shot at 10 yards. Powder burned dirty though. Even with the heavy bullet, loaded deep. Reminded me of the old unique loads with the unburned powder grains left in the barrel. Even looked liked unique with the tini-tiny flakes.

If you happen on to this Super Handicap powder. And you need powder for reloading, grab it. It's better then going without.
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