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rough estimate of value?

Could some one give me a rough estimate of what this list is worth?

All mentioned equipment is like new less than 1- year old.
1- Hornady AP Lock N Load progressive 5-stage press
3- shell plates
1-Auto Powder measure
1- Hornady powder cop die
1-Hornady set of 9mm dies
1-Hornady set of 40cal dies
1-Hornady set of 223 dies
1-Lee set of 223 dies
1-Lee single stage press
1-digital scale
1-digital caliper
1-Lee case trimmer with bits
1-Lee hand chafer and primer cleaner
Vibrating case cleaner with media
New boxes of small and large primers
New boxes of .223 bullets 600
New Boxes of 9mm bullets 500
New Boxes of 40 cal bullets 300
Powders of various brands
1000 223 brass cases cleaned
1000 9mm cases range pickup
1000 40 cal cases range pickup
1-Dell Laptop to store all reloading information


  • nononsensenononsense Member Posts: 10,935 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1

    The value of some of your parts and pieces can be found with simple searches on the internet.

    More information is needed for items such as:

    digital scale
    digital calipers
    Type and manufacturer of bullets and powder
    Which model Dell laptop

    Reason being is I use Mitutoyo calipers which cost well over $200.00 as opposed to a 'cheapie' costing under $20.00 from a dozen manufacturers. Scales have the same range of prices.

    Private labeled bullets can often times be a lot cheaper in volume than leading brands in smaller quantities. See Widener's ads every week for cheap bullets.

    Give us some specifics and we can help.

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