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Range Results: 500 S&W

AmbroseAmbrose Member Posts: 3,127 ✭✭✭
Range day yesterday and we were check firing a couple of rifles for the upcoming deer season. One of the guys brought along the 500 he recently acquired. I don't know what the barrel length was but I'd guess 7-8" and very noticeably ported. My range is 100 yds and, since I shoot over a swampy area, it can't be made shorter so we shoot handguns at 100 yds. I had the luxury of watching the other two guys shoot while I made notes and tended the chronograph (Oehler 35P).

Two factory loads were tried: 275 gr. and 500 gr. The 275's averaged 1531 fps for 10 shots and the 500's, 1222 fps also for 10. 5-shot groups with the 275 gr. ran 17" while one 5-shot group with the 500 gr. was 8". The porting apparently works. I had a new-to-me Ruger Bisley 7 1/2" .41 Magnum that one of the guys shot with 210 and 220 gr loads @ just under 1400 fps and the muzzle rise with that was higher and more of a "whip" than the 500.
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