Jonk and other 8MM shooters

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It seems when loaded with high quality match type bullets the 8MM Mauser cartridge is a very accurate shooter.

Does your shooting show this potential for accuracy?


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    You are quite right. Loaded with Sierra matchkings, a K-98 Mauser
    in good condition will shoot with the best of M-1's or Springfield's.
    (even with their poor sights)
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    Lyman 323470 shoot very well. For several years I shot all the Speer seconds in 8mm that came up for sale. Back when I could see, I liked the stock Mauser sights. Every 8mm 98 that I have shot did good, some really good.
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    Yes, though the question of load is of course unique to each gun.

    Some 8mms I have really like lighter 150 gr Hornady spire points. Others do well with Remington 185 gr Core-locks. Others with Sierra 200 gr HPBT, and a few with the big Hornady 225 gr Spire points. For all of the above, THE powder that has given me consistantly good results is IMR 4064. Naturally the load depends on the gun or bullet. Just remember, a lot of the data out there is rubbish. Lee for instance downplays the 8mm SOOO much.

    For a 150 grain bullet, I'd run about 50 gr. For a 225 gr bullet about 40. The rest in between. Naturally, just work up.

    For cast, you know the drill. My favorite 2 cast bullets for 8mm are the Lee 175 gr RN or the NOE 326" flat nose version of it, or for guns with long, worn throats, the 8mm Karabiner. 5744 has given me the best results there, but 2400 also does very well.

    With a proper load I agree, they hold in there with a good M1 or 03. I have one or two that will shoot just slightly over MOA from the bench, and several that will do 2 MOA or less. IF I load the expensive bullets. With cast, it just depends on the gun. I only have one or two that won't do anything with cast lead, the rest do pretty good.
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    I have found a couple of my 8mm's to be incredibly accurate. And 4064 seems to be the go-to choice of powder.

    Most of my best accuracy comes with M75 Yugo sniper ammo or loading my own 175 Sierra's or 200 Sierra or Noslers.

    The only one I have that halfway likes light bullets is my Turk and it, of all things, likes Turk ammo. The accuracy on this won't win any contests though.
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