Maybe a newbie mistake?

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So I put deprimed brass in the case tumbler to clean the pockets along with the rest of the case. I have media stuck in the primer hole into the case. Kind of a pain to pop it out with a paper clip, but it comes out pretty quickly that way.

If I had a turret press, I could re-deprimed and re-size them. But I'm using a single stage and would need to repeat that step x 1000.

Any other ideas?


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    Happens to everyone if you deprime first.

    If pistol brass, just tumble, then FL size.

    If rifle brass, I tumble, size, then tumble again.

    You can get blasting media with a size small enough to flow through the flash hole, otherwise yeah, you poke it out. Or ignore it. For anything but match loads I don't notice any difference if there is a grain of corn cob in the flash hole.
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    Tumble first, then de-prime/size
    I do all my primer pockets by hand. Gives me time to do a good case inspection. I have 5 or 6 presses, never felt the need for a progressive. That would likely change if I had to feed a 1927A1 Thompson with 2 bucker plates or an MG-42.
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    Put the brass back in the tumbler with no media, most of the plugged primer holes will clear up in 5 minutes of running.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try a media free tumble before I head to the range in the morning!
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