Hornady vs Starline brass,,,,,,,,,,

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Trying to reload some Hornady, once fired brass, .45-70 and no way could I adjust the seater die to roll crimp the .300gr. HP Hornady bullets. And the resulting taper crimp with the case mouth centered on the cannelure was considerably shorter than the COL in the manual.

Remembering I had some new StarLine brass I reset my die and got a perfect reload.

Upon inspecting the length of the cases, Hornady vs StarLine, the Hornady cases were .125" shorter.

Any particular reason for the difference ??????

EDIT,,,,,,,I think I found the reason. The factory Hornady cartridge was the bullet with the polymer tip which more than likely is 'longer' than the Hornady HPFP that I was reloading with.


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