Re my SHTF post in GD ,,,,,,,UPDATE

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Found 4 unopened one pound cans of IMR 4350 unearthed in the mountains.

The price stickers read $17.65,,,,,,,,,Any idea of the approximate age considering the the price.

UPDATE ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Just talked to Hodgdon,,,,,,,,,they have no information prior to 2003 when they bought IMR and they converted to plastic containers. So 14yrs. would be minimum age discounting any time spent on a retailers shelf.


  • M1A762M1A762 Member Posts: 3,426
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    Sounds like they are from 10-15 years ago. If you open one and it smells like ammonia then it is plant fertilizer.

    If no ammonia smell then it is good to go. Great for 7mm Rem. Mag![:)]

    You got a great buy - Free![:)]
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    Should smell sweet, like a solvent - not acrid.

    Gunpowder lasts a long time if kept cool and dry. I'm still shooting stuff I bought in the 70's. I did finally shoot away some my dad had bought - it was pinkdot.
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    That does sound about like a 10 year ago price. I have 4064 @ $5.50 and Norma MRP @ $7.95. I also saved a CCI primer box that says $0.50[:0]
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