Browning High Wall,,,,,

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,,,,,in 38-55 (just purchased),,,,,anyone have any "pet" loads,,,,,,I'm new to this cartridge and any help re. powder, bullets, primers, etc will be greatly appreciated,,,,,I will be doing basic 100-150 yd. targets and will work up a load for bear and maybe elk this fall,,,,,thanks, Bill


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    I use Oregon Trail Lazer Cast bullets, Star Line brass and Winchester LRP primers, and 34grs H4895. OAL 2.500 to 2.510
    Trim lenth is 2.085
    I shoot this load in a Marlin model 1893 rifle with a 26" barrel, you Browning 1885 will take a much hotter load than my Marlin, but this is a place to start. Be carful sizing brass, it's easy to wrinkle case walls. I think Star Line is the best brass you can get, your milage may vary. Oregon trail also makes a gas check bullet that might work well with hotter loads in your Hi Wall.
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    I have a Remington 788 that has been rebored and rechambered for .38-55. I use Reloader 7 with the 220 gr. Hornady that was designed for the .375 Winchester cartridge. Heavier jacketed bullets are not as easily available to me. I would imagine your Browning has an action as strong as my 788.
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