Cleaning of Rim Fire Guns

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Been seeing alot of articles saying just wipe the gun down and run a patch or bore snake through it and you done...What do you think Pro & Con..Edgar


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    Rimfires do need to be cleaned occasionally. Some target grade guns will begin throwing fliers but most using guns won't give much notice. I would suggest a thorough bore cleaning around 5000 rounds or before depending on the type of ammo and weather conditions. I have a Ruger 77/22 that had thousands of bullets down the bore before I cleaned it and it took a LOT of cleaning. I also have a Remington Nylon 66 that only got cleaned when it started failing to chamber rounds but I'm not saying that's the way it should be done.
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    I typically clean mine everytime I use it. What is so different about rimfires that allow them to be cleaned less frequently?
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    I would shoot several thousand rounds through a $1,500.00 single shot 22 match rifle and not clean the bore except once a year. Accuracy was better with a bore that was seasoned.

    You WILL wear the bore out from cleaning it a lot faster than shooting it. If worried about rust, don't, the wax on the bullets coat the bore. If still worried, spray some kroil down the tube and fer-get-it.

    I cleaned the bore on my 10-22 about 15,000 rounds ago; maybe next year I'll spray some carb cleaner down the bore, but I doubt I'll remember too. [:D]
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    Cleaned my High Standard Trophy once a year after the match season ended. Wiped it down after each match. Did the same with my silhouette guns.
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    What bpost said. The wax lube on the bullets does indeed season the bore. In fact, you might lose accuracy after you clean - or after you change ammo - until the new ammo seasons the bore to THAT exact ammo.

    That is also why a group or two seldom if ever shows you what ammo a gun likes. If it never seasons with a type of ammo, it is liable to be inaccurate.
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    I clean the bolt face and the action on semi autos, bolt face only on bolt actions. Just so the extractor, ejector, etc. work fine.

    Bore gets a bore snake once a year or so.
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    I usually run a patch with Hoppes through the bore and then a couple of dry patches with a final patch with CLP Collector oil. I am convinced that all this is actually unnecessary but it makes me feel good and I like to look down my barrels and not see dirt.
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