Singe or progressive

I have a lee turet press for my 9mm pistol and my 223. I am looking at starting 308 and I want to get another press so I dont have to change the dies, I am thinking of getting a single stage press like the Lee challenger and 308 deluxe rifle dies. or a hornaday lock and load. which is better? What do you use.


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    Progressives are a quicker path to bigger problems ! Two cents !
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    Have you considered getting a spare turret for the Lee press?
    Changes take about 4.429 seconds.
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    I use a progressive press (Dillon 550) for cartridges that I shoot a great deal and a single stage press for cartridges that I shoot in only small amounts. The Dillon is very easy to change to different calibers by using different tool heads. And it is easy to use like a single stage press. However, I felt that it was slower to produce small volume loads using the Dillon. I prefer to hand prime each cartridge so I can feel the primer seat in the pocket and I weigh each powder charge in order to produce higher precision cartridges for target work. Performing each step of the process from a loading block seems quicker using a single stage press. Consequently, I re-installed my old single stage press. I am now considering replacing the single stage with an arbor press for a higher level of precision.
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