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I had something happen today that's never happened in over 25 years of reloading. I loaded about 30 rounds for my BFR, cases were tumbled, polished, sized, and trimed. I loaded my standard load (45/70), Federal Large pistol magnum primer, and 32.5 grains of SR4759 under a Hornady 300 grain JHP. About the 10th round fired it had a real quite snap and didn't go off. After holding it in a safe direction for a minute or two I figured I'd remove the shell and take a look. The cylinder was locked up with the bullet halfway into the barrel. Right away I thought I'd forgotten to charge the case, (I've NEVER done that before). Well after using a cleaning rod to knock the bullet back into the case I removed the cartridge and broke it down with a kenetic bullet puller. The correct powder charge was in the case. From the look of the powder the primer just flashed over the powder turning some of the kernals a light green.
The powder is from the same 5 lb can I've been using the last year, it's only a few years old and not bad. 4759 is pretty easy to ignite and I'm at a loss to explain why this happened. I also had a good tight crimp on the caniler on the bullet. Any ideas or explainations?


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    I'm guessing a bad primer. I've had similar scenarios with .38spl. I just toss em and move on. I use factory ammo in my carry guns so I never have to bet my life on my reloads. Worst case (for this type of malfunction) is some snickering buddies. I think you handled the situation well by waiting a little while with it still in a safe direction. I don't know why it happens or even if it IS indeed what happened to you... but that's my guess. How old are the primers?
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    Same here- bad primer. It happens to the best of us.[:)]
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    The failure to ignite the powder points suspision in the direction of the primer. However, could that failure be the result of a trace of lub. or sizing wax contaminating that primer once it had been seated in the case ? (hiding in the pocket?)
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    What about something in the flash hole? Could it be possible that some cleaning media was stuck in the flash hole and prevented the full power of the primer from reaching the powder?
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    How did the powder look besides green? Clumped together? Still free? Have you checked the powder in the hopper? did it empty out just fine? Does a 1/4-1/2 teaspoon burn when you put a match to it? (I shouldn't need to tell you to take this outside)
    If you can eliminate the powder then there's nothing but primer or flashole. Do you tumble before or after sizing? Tumbling media is notorious for sticking in flash-holes. Lube is the other culprit. I've had a couple of those over 35 years of reloading as well.
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    green is degraded powder IMHO. I have had that happen and I attribute it to contaminated powder.
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    didn't have quite the same thing but i was shooting trap last week with my 311 410 and i had a light sounding pop , shot and wad left the barrel but i bet it didn't go 35 feet.

    had 2 do it out of 100 all from the same batch loader.

    guess s==t happens
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    quote:Originally posted by JustC
    green is degraded powder IMHO. I have had that happen and I attribute it to contaminated powder.

    I agree with the bad powder!
    He says the bullet was down the barrel so the falling of the hammer did not dislodge the bullet from a crimped case, the primers ignition removed the 300 grain crimped bullet from the case! The primer ignited with enough force to move the bullet, so the powder should have also ignited!
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