Herters Bullets

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Does anyone know who made jacketed bullets for Herters back in the '60's?
I have several boxes of 180 grain soft point 8mm bullets that look a lot like Speers.


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    Both Speer and Hornady made bullets for Herters. They also purchased brass and bullets from Finland.
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    Remember the Wasp Waist bullet?
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    Wasp Waist bullets? Shot a ton of them in my pre-64 Model 70, .270.
    (Serial number 865, by the way. Talk about one you wish you could have back!) Interesting concept. Accurate enough, but hard to seat straight, in my experience. Never used them on game, but it always seemed to me that they should hold together pretty well.
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    I tried some of their 30 cal "wasp waist" bullets in my '06. Umm...no thanks.
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    Make that "damn near impossible to seat straight" and you'll know why today's bullets don't have wasp waists.

    Unless the case has a quite long neck, and you seat them so that both the rear and front full-diameter portions are supported, those bullets would literally wiggle like a bobble-head in the case. In a .30-40 or a .30-06, maybe they could stay straight. A .308 Win, .300 Savage or .300 Mag? No way, Jose.
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    Just noticed this topic...some years ago, someone gave me a quantity of .22 Wasp Waist (55 gr.) bullets. I loaded them in .22 Hornet, .223 Rem., 22-250....none would fire them worth warm spit. Good patterns, tho.

    The best way I found to seat them was with a Browning Lo-Wall, using the old Schuetzen methods. I pushed the bullet as deep as I could into the lands (using a dowel), then carefully placed a loaded brass into the chamber and pushed it all together.

    Even then, some of the bullets hit almost sideways....if they hit the target.

    Good looking bullet, tho!!
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    I bought a box of those in .30 caliber, back in the day. Herter's garanteed that if you shot half a box and didn't like them to send 'em back and they'd give you a refund. Well, they didn't shoot worth crap so I sent them back and, sure enough, they refunded for half a box!
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