41 Mag load

I have a Smith model 57 6" barrel. When I first bought the gun I looked in a couple of books and ended up loading 13.2 gr. of Blue Dot under a 215gr Oregon Trail SWC with a Win WLP primer. This load shoots great, accurate, no presure signs. Works great on bowling pins, but does lead the barrel some. I had lots of Blue Dot around because I load it in my J frame 2" 38s, for carry loads.
To the point, I've read all the warnings about Blue Dot and the 41, so I'm going to pull about 150 bullets and try again. I'm an old timer, and tend to stick with traditional powders, H110,296, Unique,& Bullseye. Does anyone have a good load, some thing to start with? Just trying to save time and bullets.[:D]
Thanks for looking.


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    I have the same pistol. Using the sam components that you have I use Hodgdon Titegroup. I load 5.5g for my target loads which puts it out at just over 900fps according to my Chrony. I am going to test some Alliant 2400 loads this spring for some hotter lead loads. I also load 2400 for my jacketed hot loads. I have not had any leading issues with my Titegroup load.
    P.S. make Titegroup a new tradition for target loads. It is a great powder.[;)]

    1. It runs cheaper than other powders usually $2.00-3.00.
    2. It is not position sensitive so you can load it in the big
    cases with no issues.
    3. It meters great.
    4. It burns very clean.
    5. You can load almost all pistol calibers with it. It is only for target load velocities though.
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    I gave up on Blue Dot for pistol loads after the warning came out and I had to pull a couple hundred 357's down.....[xx(]. Tite Group works very well, burns clean and is low cost per round in every thing I've shot it in. If you have unique on the shelf, that is the jug I'd grab loading 9.5 grains for about 1,000 FPS.

    I am using the last of a new four pound Blue Dot in cast rifle loads, I will not buy another one.
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    I have used "old" Hercules Blue Dot in my M657 with 215 gr hard cast bullets for years. I loaded 14 gr of "old" BD. An equivalent load was 17 gr of old "Hercules" 2400. Since I still have many lbs of the "old" BD and 2400, I have not used the "new" 2400 in the Smith with that bullet.
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    I was using blue dot in my 41mag.. 220 gr seirra bullet with 14.5 grs of BD. Man that was hot!! I pulled 300 rnds and reloaded them with 12.5 of BD after the warning came out. This was all per the books. Much nicer to shoot. I don't know how they could publish those kind of numbers.
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    All due respect, pistolero, but don't use Blue Dot in the 41 Mag at all. They aren't kidding or pulling a "lawyer" when they issue such a warning. I have spoken with Alliant's Ken Amonette face-to-face on this and they really and truly found very scary pressure results with Blue Dot in the 41 Magnum (and also with 125-gr jacketed bullets in the 357 Magnum.) Old test data didn't show it, but today's pressure gear does.

    Don't use it. REALLY.
    I may be a bit crazy - but I didn't drive myself.
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    I mostly reload 41 mag for a smith with an 83/8 barrel. I use 10.3 grains of uniqe and get some great groups. I use a hornady xtp hp 210 grain bullet and large pistol primer.This has been my best groups by far. Oak
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    Thanks guys, I'm thinking it will be Unique.
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    Thanx rocky, I hear you loud and clear. Thanx
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