AA 2230 powder

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Bought some of this powder about a year ago and thought I'd give it a try for both .243s and 22-250s.
Had a copy of their Fourth Edition loading booklet listing loads for these two calibers, but checked their site to see if anything had changed. Low and behold, they don't list it on their site in these calibers. Thinking that was a bit strange, I contacted them and was told the previous company had some "questionable data" and they don't recommend a powder with this fast of a burning rate for either caliber.
Just thought some folks would like to know in case they happened to be using older data.


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    I don't disagree with the folks at Western Powder (Ramshot) who now own Accurate Powder. Some of the older Accurate data was warm indeed. Besides which, Acc #2230 IS too fast for cartridges of those case sizes and bore diameter. It is ideal for the 223 (which ought to come as no surprise from the name) and similar rounds.
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    Rocky's right (of course!); too fast for .243/22-250, too slow for .22 Hornet.

    I load a lot of .223 (varmint, not military) with 2230, and it also works well with 30-30, with either 150 or 170 gr. bullets
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