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I've been loading shotshells for several years ,but just getting into metalic. I have several pounds of 700x powder that I would like to use on pistol loads.Found good data on 38 special & 357 mag , not as much on 44 rem. mag. Purchased Magtech 240 gn SJSP , can't find any data.I was thinking 9 grains of 700x would be a safe start? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I want to get into reloading but not sure where to start. I know I want a single stage press. Not sure what brand or model to go for. I want something that is simple to use but a quality unit that I can use for a while. I know absolutely nothing about reloading so recomendations on equipment and manuals would be appreciated. What are the basic tools I will need? Should i purchase a complete kit? I have lots of calibers I would like to load, rifle as well as pistol. .308, 30-06, 223 wssm, 25 wssm, 35 whelen,, 45-70, 9mm, 357, 44mag.

    Also, beside the auction side, what are the best suppliers to get equipment from.

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    http://www.natchezss.com/index.cfm has some good deals http://www.recobstargetshop.com/ has some of the best deals on powder ive seen. downside is the 50 dollar hasmat charge. but if you know anyone else who reloads and wants some powder maybe they would go half with you.

    i started out (am still starting out) with a second hand rcbs single stage press. so far no complaints.
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    Graf and Sons has good pricing on reloading kits and they pay the freight. The last time I looked the Lyman kit was a very good value. Redding is also very high on the list of top quality presses and dies. RCBS is the old standard along with Hornaday, a relative newcomer with VERY nice equipment. Many here swear by Lee, I tend to swear at them except for the dies, they are fine for mot applications.

    Do a search on "new to reloading" on this forum, there are many threads addressing your concerns.

    Welcome to the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the info. I think Im going to go with the RCBS master kit with the single stage press. Good choice? After searching prior posts I see that a lot of guys use the Lee stuff, but im gonna stay away from it. Cry once right....I'd rather spend a few extra bucks up front than buy a kit im disappointed in and have to shell out for a good setup down the road. Im high bidder on a kit on the auction side now, bid is still at .01, BIN $300.00. Besides the Dies, powder, bullets,primers and cases(I already have hundreds, been saving for years) is there anything else I will need to start? The kit has a beam scale, not digital. Think its ok?

    Also, is there a particular cartridge that would be best to learn on? Maybe a little easier to load than others? I was thinking about starting with 30-06 but I also have .223, .223wssm, .243, .25wssm, .270, .308, 30-30, 30 carbine, 7.62x39, 35whelen, 7mm mag, 45-70, 9mm, 357, .44mag

    Is .308,30-30 and 30-06 the same bullet size?

    I have a finished room in the basement that I have had no use for....untill now. Im going to get started on a bench this weekend. Does it really need to be bolted to the floor? or will attaching it to the wall suffice? Any recommendations as far as size? I was thinking 30" deep and probably 6' long with maybe some shelves above. There's actually no windows in the room...do I need to reload in a well ventillated area??

    Sorry for asking so many [?] I know nothing about the process...dont even know anyone who reloads, so I figured its best to ask someone who knows.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide

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    I believe any american 30 caliber is the same (308, 30-06, the 300mags, 30-30 etc...) The only thing you need to be careful of is in lever actions to not use pointed bullets. Also the Russian and European 30 cal ammo is different. American is .308 and they are .311 I believe. some else will know better.

    Look up some videos on setting up reloading on youtube. Theres some good advise on there as well. Just make sure you build your bench tall enough so your not hunched over when running the press or doing other work.

    Im fairly new to this too. ive only loaded a handful of cases in 30-06 and 9mm. But i have spent many hours resizing and working brass since ive been laid off. Ive bought over 600 1x fired 223 cases and processed them for sale on the auction side. Just about all my equipment has been paid for doing this now.

    As far as i know ventilation shouldn't be a problem unless your actually shooting in the room. if nothing burning or going off there aren't any fumes/. Not that ive noticed anyway. only thing that smells kinda strongly is the brass polish for make the casings for sale nice and shiny.
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