Hollywood Super Press

geeguygeeguy Member Posts: 1,047
I had the opportunity to view (no camera for a pic)a Hollywood press that will be sold in the future from an estate, they asked me what it was, and I've never seen one like this and can't seem to find a picture on line.

I believe it "maybe" a Hollywood Super Turret press. About 2' high cast base (total about 75# I would guess)with a 12 holder turret on top and a 4 spot shell holder turret. Handle is about 2' long almost to the floor. Turrets look about 3/4" th. steel. What a piece of equipment!! I've seen the smaller one's and thought they were good, but OMG on this one.

Anyone know where I can find any pictures of the Hollywood presses so I can tell this guy how to list it??

Wish I had a pic for you, but no can do. Thanks for any info.


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