32-20 bullets

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hello, can anyone tell me where I can purchase 100 gr. lead bullets to reload 32-20 ammo ?? thankyou


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    Go to the auction side and search 30 caliber 100 grain bullets under the reloading category. I cast my own, but Hornady XTHP's are great for jacketed bullets. Also search 32-20 under reloading, you may be pleasantly surprised[:D]
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    That's true. Although the .32-20 is officially .312 to .314" many of them are actually .309" bore. That's probably because it's a whole lot easier for barrel makers to get .30-cal blanks than .32s - but it works out for reloaders, too!

    Slug your bore first, and then you'll know. If it indeed is a true .32, you can get cast bullets from several sources including Laser-Cast and Leadheads Bullets (two that I've dealt with personally) and others.
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