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I am setting up a lee loadmaster today ,any sugestions or pointers.


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    I don't have any sort of progressive machine, but from comments I read, the Lee is a very frustrating machine to get adjusted correctly. Read and follow the directions to the letter - no matter how you normally do things. Nobody will be watching, and following the instructions will be our little secret, okay?

    If you aren't already an experienced reloader, I think a progressive is a mistake from the get-go. You really need to know what every tiny phase of the operation is supposed to look like, feel like and sound like to avoid problems. Having everything happen at once makes that impossible.

    Good luck.
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    Get on the Lee web-site, they have vidio's to help you through the prosess, I used it the first couple times of setting up my 1000, now its just a basic set-up, no problems. A buddy of mine has the Loadmaster, he couldnt get things adjusted right on his, worked through it useing their vidio's and doesnt have a problem now. Good luck on getting it running, once you get it going, you will be afraid of how fast you go through components!, by the way, keep an eye on all your components, it is easy to run out of something if your not paying attention. Tom
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    I have been reloading off and on for 40 years, should have made that clear at the start. I did go to youtube and watch the instructional videos and that feller did a great job making them. Set it up just like he said and had no problems at all. Well I only had 35 pieces of brass, all I could scrape up around here but I got a 1000 on the way. I do have a couple of pro 1000's I have been using for about 25 years. Bought both of them used and have loaded a bunch of 38, 357,45 acp and colt on them. They are a bit fussy at times but they will work fine if kept clean an adjusted properly. Bought the loadmaster used also on gunbroker. Got the loadmaster and a 1000 230 gr. jacketed (500 hardball,500 hollowpoint) for $150.00. He paid shipping. I usually don't come out on the good end of a deal but I feel real good about this one. When the brass gets here I'll give it a wringing out. Thanks for the replies.
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