Load Book Discrepancies

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I reload alot for my 44 mag. For the past few years I have cast all my own bullets. My current favorite is the Lyman #429244 255 grain SWC. I'm using 21.5 grains of H-110. According to my Lyman Load book, the average velocity should be around 1097 fps. with 21.8 grains. Recently I aquired a chronograph and found that my average on six strings of six shots was 1364 fps on a 30 degree day. Has anyone else noticed differences like this? And if my velocity was off this much, how far off are my pressures?


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    So my lyman book list a 4 inch tube for your load at around those veloicities. My 10 and 5/8 29 does way better around 1500 if I recall. I personally don't worry about a crono, I put my faith in group size. Oh and I didn't like H110. Bluedot is my choice now and I ran 32 pounds of 5744 the old version.
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