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If I seat a bullet ( 223) that has a canular ( I think that is the portion of the bullet that has the groves in it so the crimp can grip it)and I then find that my overall length is too long. Can I put the bullet back in the die and run it through again or do I have to take it apart and in order to run it through after adjusting my die? It seems that the crimp would prevent the bullet from re-seating without being taken apart.


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    if it is crimped then no, it will not work. you will have to pull the bullet, resize the neck (at least) and then reseat the bullet.
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    If you try to push it down further, the should area will usually bulge somewhat and then the hull will not chamber or chamber very hardor actually stick and can be dangerous trying to remove the loaded round from the chamber!
    So do like mike says and pull the bullet! If I want to save the bullets for re-use I use a kinetic bullet puller (rcbs), with eye protection, goggles or faceshield or both and insert couple of the foam earplugs for the bullet to strike against when it dislodges and this saves the bullet points! (I use rcbs brand because the replacement collets, (which will eventually go bad) are under the lifetime warranty! (Hornady may be lifetime, not sure) Other's charge a arm and leg for replacement shellholder collets!

    RCBS also makes a collet type bullet puller that fits into a press, but it will distort the bullet due to the clamping action of the puller!
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    If you have an inertia type bullet puller you could probably tap the bullet out past the cannelure , reseat and recrimp and you should be good to go .
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    Do they still fit in the magazine without the noses scraping?
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    Bpost I have not loaded the round or any round for that matter. I am just starting and learning and asking before i start. So it seems the best way would be to load a dummy round or rounds until i get my die set right.
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    Considering the popularity of the AR platform, I would guess that any current production bullet with a crimp groove will load to an acceptable length for the AR magazine when crimped. I can't say for sure but most 223 bolt action magazines are going to be longer than the chamber.
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