Bumping up size of Bullet ?

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Got some 45-70 lead bullets sized at .458". Would like them at .460". Is there such a tool to fit in press or otherwise-made to do such a thing? Or do I need a magician? ha.(or melting pot)
Thanks, Pete


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    It is a possibility but probably best to remelt and cast to proper size. Somebody here http://www.castboolits.gunloads.com/ might know of a way to bump .002 without severe deformation.
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    The only practical way would be paper patching. A classic for the 45/70. Figure on .002" tracing paper; a standard double wrap will add a total of 8/1000 of an inch diameter. Get a custom Lee push through sizer in .460" (or .461" if you prefer), paper patch (google it) and run through the final sizer.

    Alternatively, buy a sizer that goes to .452- common for .45 ACP, size in that, then wrap and shoot unsized.

    No lube needed! A final THIN coat of Lee Liquid Alox or Carnuba wax helps hold the wrapping together, if you prefer.

    It might also be possible, though tedious, to minie (hollow out) the base of each bullet to promote expansion. You could also load with black powder, that tends to upset the bullet into the rifling and 'bumps it up' upon firing.

    Otherwise remelt and cast to diameter desired.
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    I have read of doing that - lead flows under pressure. (1) The proper method is to have a die, a close fit punch, and a hammer. Insert bullet into die, insert punch, hit punch with hammer.
    For the small volumn involved, you don't need hardened steel.
    (2)You may be able to squeeze the bullet in a vise to get the small increase you want.
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    Thank you guys for the info on the bullet sizing.
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    Bullet design is a process to reduce the maximum diameter of the projectile to die and the press. Lyman makes lubrisizer and dies and punches at the top, as well as RCBS and others. These presses to reduce the maximum diameter of the bullet, and at the same time as completing the lubrication groove.
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