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TULA primers

bought some a few shows back and just now got around to shooting some out my sw 1006 10mm.

so far so good all went off .

has anyone else used them , right now there about half price of what cci is $20 a case (5K)



  • CHEVELLE427CHEVELLE427 Member Posts: 6,750
    edited November -1
    Anyone used these? Any problems at all? I noticed they're a lot cheaper than my CCI's. I'm considering getting them for my "blasters" when the time comes to get more primers. I'll be sticking with CCI for my accurate stuff, but thought I'd check here to make sure I'm not going to waste money trying to save money on something that doesn't work...,
  • mrbrucemrbruce Member Posts: 3,374
    edited November -1
    I've used them for quite a while now, I get some of my best crono results with them, and they are the exact same thing as the Wolf Russians...
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