got started today

well we set eveerything up had cleaned a bunch of 08 brass and primed them, time was running out so we loaded 3 rounds after taking our time checking and dubble checking everything we took them out and test fired group was not bad but we will start working on getting tighter now [:D]
man this is fun [:D][:D]


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    Welcome to the addiction, relax it lasts a life time and is good for you!
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    The challenging of chasing smaller groups is fun. I'll be going the range soon with a new .223 bolt rifle to break in with about 15 different loadings. I haven't done this in years. Just when you think you've got it nailed someting will change. The bullets or powder may become unavailable or you want to try some different brand of brass than you've tried before.
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    Welcome to the club. [:D]

    I'm still addicted to the actual loading. The accuracy is fine, but loading the ammo is still the fun part.

    It's also great to shoot like crazy and not worry about the cost of the ammo anymore... [:p]
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    Good to see that you have not "burned-out" as yet. Dont't ever expect to do so either. [;)]
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