Barrett VS Mcmillan

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I am interested in the purchase of either the Tac-50 or the 82A1 but want to hear the differences between them. Accuracy mostly, but everything there is that anyone knows about either one of these would be a great help. Thanks.


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    My brother has the M82A1. I think the Barrett has a better muzzle brake. I haven't shot it yet, but I hear some good reviews on Barrett's Arms
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    the M82 SUCKS[V] I mounted and lapped the nightforce in the rings on my pards BRAND NEW barret M82. The thing would barely keep the bullets on paper at 500yds WITH barret ammo. DO NOT beleive all that hocus pocus that you hear about the military making these ultra long shots with the barret,...THEIRS ARE HIGHLY MODIFIED, and if not, they are NOT the same rifle sold to civilians. I was extremely dissapointed with his M82. Now,..maybe he got a dud????? I don't know,....but if I can't keep it on paper at 500yds, off of my own bench and using my own rear bags, all of which I am very familiar with, then there is a big issue.

    I would like to think his was just a dud, since I am a fan of barret, and especially the owner's stance he took on California's 50cal ban with the LEO community.
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    Let's be clear from the beginning, these two rifles are difficult to compare since the Barrett is a semi-auto while the McMillan is a bolt action rifle.

    Worse than that, the Barrett uses a recoiling barrel to defeat some of the recoil which some shooters will not tolerate. This is an indicator of lower accuracy potential. The ones we shot were not terrific and would not be usable at 1,000 yards even with the ultra-expensive sighting aid sold by Barrett.

    The M82A1 was NOT selected by the government for the military:

    "The US Army has officially adopted the M82A1 as their special purpose long range sniper rifle. Believe it or not, a bolt action won the trials but for reasons not entirely clear, the US Army decided to adopt the M82A1M (The M has a few modifications over the USMC M82A3). The official designation for the rifle is XM107 Long Range Sniper Rifle. The max effective ranges are listed as 1500 meters at materiel targets, and 1000 meters at personnel."

    Mark this down as another stupid decision by our gubment and military.

    The McMillan is an extremely large, heavy action readily adaptable to the .50 BMG. There is the rigidity of the action/barrel because they are threaded together. The barreled action can also be enhanced with pillar bedding or by using a v-block type chassis system. The McMillan stocks are noted for quality and stability.

    Personally, I use a BAT Machine action coupled with a Bartlein barrel bedded into a McMillan stock. I have a McMillan action but I haven't used it yet because the BAT is shooting above expectations.

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