Who knows the twist rate in a Remington Sendero

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chambered in 25-06. I'm trying to figure out the heaviest pills I can stabilize with this rifle. I've got to order some brass and bullets so I can finally shoot this thing...

Any help would be appreciated. I'll probably be shooting Nosler Accubonds or VLD's if they are available...might experiment with both, but this will be used on BIG game.


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    You can double check it with a cleaning rod and a tight fitting patch, brush, or one of those carpet looking things.

    Put the cleaning rod with one of the above a few inches into the barrel. Mark with a erasable marker a dot on the end of the barrel. Mark the rod as the beginning of the 10".These two lines should be aligned. Also make a line about 10" inches above the end on the barrel on the rod. This mark should line up with the dot on the barrel after the rod rotates and moves the 10" twist down.
    You can measure the distance between the marks to verify the barrel twist.
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    I couldn't tell you what twist it is, but I shoot 115 gr BT and up to 120 gr Sierra BTSP's with no problems. I've tried lighter bullets but it seemed to over stabilize them. Hope this helps.
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    ...so, I should be able to stabalize just about any of the heavier bullets then.?.?

    Thanks again!
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