.223 primer ? CCI 400 or 41

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I did a search and did not find anything about this on the GB forums so here goes....

I'm going to be loading up a batch of .223 for my ARs. (just plinking, nothing hot) my Speers manual calls for CCI 400, but I have seen a few threads on other forums calling for the CCI 41 in this application. Any feedback would be appreciated.


(My rifles have a 1:9 twist and I'll probably be using a 62gr similar to M855. Have not picked powder yet either. Mostly lake city brass once fired (at least))


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    I'm not an AR guy, but the CCI 41 is made for semi-autos with free-floating firing pins because of the danger of a slam fire. The cups are harder. Most reloaders have no problems whatever with the regular 400 primer, but if you experience even one slam fire, you'll be a believer in the #41.

    Winchester primers are also pretty tough, but I would NOT use the Federal because it is significantly more sensitive than the others.
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    I would use the 41
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    I use the #41 exclusively in reloads tha might be used in an AR. In testing, I've found loads with the #41 are not as accurate as the same load with #400 and the powder charge must be reduced slightly. Regardless, I feel the safety factor is more important.
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    While I understand the reasoning for the #41 we have shot 10's of thousands of rounds in AR15 and M16's/M4 rifles and have never had any issues. We usually use Winchester & CCI but in the primer crunch we used several brands.

    I use LC brass, 55g bullets with H335. Great combo.
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    I use the CCI 400s and have never had a problem with them.

    Powder.....wow, there's alot of them that are good for your application. I am happy with W748 and IMR 8208 XBR. The 8208 works best (for me) with bullets that are 55gr and under.
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    I have been using the CCI 450 magnum primer and WW748 for 5.56 loads with the 60 grain V-Max. Never had a slam-fire (knocking wood). I also use this primer on my 6.8 SPC with SS or Hornady brass with the small primer pocket. I like the longer flame of the mag primer and just reduce my load by 1/2 grain to compensate.
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    I use the CCI400, never an issue yet in my ARs'
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